Friday, 13 January 2012

Belated Christmas Round Up!

As promised, its time for a slightly belated crafty christmas round up!

Several months before Christmas, my mum asked me to make her a set of Christmas bunting to hang in her front room to replace the non-festive bunting she has there all year round. We managed to find a cute robin print fabric in cream and green which was perfect for the christmas theme, and added a plain red to break up the quite busy patterns. I added this to some cream bunting cord and ta-da!

To finish off the ends I added some little holly leaves, complete with mini berries, to make it even more christmassy!

As for presents, my artsy craftsy ways meant I got a lot of making gifts! From my brother I got cookie mix in a jar - all I need to add is eggs! Holding off on making these until my waistline has got over Christmas itself, but they look yummy. And these a wooden snowflake ornament for the tree - ace!

We also received a slow cooker (and recipe book), Tatty Devine's How to Make Jewellerybook,Steampunk Softies (the follow up to my Zombie Felties book!) and an awesome skeleton gingerbread cutter!

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