Monday, 26 March 2012

Nice day for a white wedding...

Another set of our friends got married this weekend (a different Bride than the one who I made the Hen Party Rosettes for in an earlier post) and I wanted to make them something memorable for their wedding present.

I saw a set of 'tattoo' inspired embroidery pieces in an old issue of Mollie Makes and thought they would be perfect to be reworked into a set of wedding wall hangings!

For the centre image I used a 4" emboridery hoop and added the dates of the wedding to the scroll. This was my first attempt at using metallic thread and I did struggle to thread the needle with it as there was no way of combining the ends as with conventional thread. I think the overall effect it gives makes it well worth the effort, but not something I'll be using for 'everyday' sewing projects.

For the two name panels I used an 8" hoop and had to enlarge the template image to the correct size (thanks to my art training and the grid system this was pretty easy, although I had run out of tracing paper, and was forced to use baking paper as a last minute fix!). I then added the names of the Bride and Groom in the scrolls. I also flipped one of the images so the birds would be face to face.

To finish off the frames, I made a backing piece using thick cardboard covered in black cotton fabric. This meant I could hide the rough stitching on the back of the image, and tuck all of the loose ends inside. I cut the cardboard circles to the size of the inner hoop and pushed them into place. They were a very snug fit so I decided against using glue to hold them in place.

And here's the finished product! Hopefully they will signify the start of another long and happy marriage!

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