Sunday, 2 October 2011

Leeds 3rd Alternative Comics Fair

On 1st October it was the 3rd Leeds Alternative Comics fair at Nation of Shopkeepers and like a good nerd I went along! I have managed to miss the last 2 of these, so was really keen to go along and check out the local comics on offer.

Despite it being the hottest day for quite some time (vest tops in October. IN YORKSHIRE! What is going on?!?) it was reasonably busy, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the comicy goodness. I had a bit of a splurge and got some really awesome comics I thought it would be worth sharing!

'The Steampunk Literary Review' by Dr Geof which features fictional reviews and adverts of all things Steampunk. And smut. Lots of smut! My Favourite is the 'REDUCE YOUR VELOCITY - SAVE A SKY CRAKEN' poster!

'Hermit' by Andrew Waugh about a guy who goes crazy in the modern world and tries to escape to the wilderness (I mainly bought this as the font cover looks a lot like my loveable housemate who is also keen on a little hermitude)

'Find Comet Hit Comet Watch Comet Sleep' by Hugh 'Shug' Raine about the end of the world if it were to happen in Dewsbury!

Some gorgeous hand printed cards from Hello Memo

And this little guy! He has a moustache and boss eyes...whats not to love!

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