Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fluorescent Flowers

Continuing with the theme of old(er) projects, I'm going to show you my second attempt at a cross stitched cushion.

Following the Cowboy Cushion I made using the Cath Kidston pattern I decided to have a go at one of the more floral offerings in the book. The one downside to the book (at least for tomboys like me) is the majority of the patterns are floral (the cowboy, sail boat and dog patterns being the exception). I decided to start with the brightest and least traditionally 'girly' of the patterns, and the result is this 'electric flower' cushion!

I backed it using cream embossed velvet fabric salvaged from the mega stockroom clear out at my previous job.

I also had some 'so awful its amazing' fluorescent pink bobble trim which almost matched the pink of the cross stitch so decided to edge the cushion with that. This was a massive pain to attach and I ended up sewing this cushion completely by hand to avoid getting the trim tangled up in the machine. This is something I struggle with (also zips!) so is something I need to work on if I plan on making cushions on a more regular basis.

All in all I am really proud of how this turned out. It is very bright and kitsch and contrasts well against the very 'boysy' background of my house/sofa/living room.

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