Friday, 30 September 2011

Interior Lighting

I was invited to the opening of the Interior Lighting exhibition on wednesday. The exhibition features work by very talented employees of the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield and has a wide range of artwork on show. Some of my friends were exhibiting work, so I had no excuse not to go!

The gallery building is almost as impressive as the exhibition itself, and had all of its original wooden pillars and woodwork as additional features to the room. It is round the corner from the shiny new Hepworth building as part of the dock regeneration, we can only hope that it stays a gallery/performance space and isn't turned into flats!

The exhibition had a variety of photography, illustration, textiles, paintings and installation which was displayed using the natural alcoves and structures of the space. Lighting was kept to a minimum, creating pools of light round each piece of work.

Anyway, I'll let the work do the talking! Here is a selection of my highlights of the show:

Tribute to Martin Creed!

Beautifully printed textiles by Hayley McColl

awesome wool installation (my favourite!)

"Food Porn"

Painting by Rachael Gorton

Fab bird illustrations! Sadly the lighting prevented me from getting a clearer photo, but the sequence shows a series of birds performing magic tricks!

The Interior Lighting Exhibition is running until Sunday 2nd October 12 - 5pm so if you are near Wakefield this weekend go and check it out!

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